5 Memos To Prolong Your Boots’ Life

Boots are not only warm and protect your feet well but also stylish and powerful in terms of adding a bold emphasis to your outfit. Every time autumn comes, ladies around the world rejoice over getting back in their favorable boots that have not been worn during summer. However, despite their appearance, boots are just as vulnerable as high heels. Unless used and preserved properly, boots could easily be damaged or degraded. Here are 5 ways you can preserve your boots better for a longer usage.

5 Memos To Prolong Your Boots’ Life

1.      Avoid stuffing boots

Sections in ordinary shoe cabinets often come with a humble height, which is not the best place to store over-the-knee boots. On the other hand, when the cabinets are already filled up, it is also a bad idea to stuff your boots in between a bunch of other shoes. Doing any of those will cause your boots to lose their original forms, making they appear contorted and look like wellington boots rather than your original stylish ones.

To maintain the shape of your boots over time, stuff some soft cloth or used papers in their inner natural space, try to create a private storage space for your boots, separate them from others and avoid putting other shoes upon the boots.

2.      Wipe Your Boots to Dry

The nature of leather is not cool with wet conditions. If you unfortunately wear your boots on a rainy day, make sure you wipe them to dry right after arriving home. Being wet does not only make your boots get moldy and smell fusty but also distorts their shape.

Hence, what you need to do is to dry the outer surface of your boots and stuff some used dry newspapers into them to desiccate or use silica gel packets instead. On humid days, you should put boots into zipped plastic bags or boxes to make sure they do not get affected by humidity.

3.      Do Not Sun Dry Your Boots

It is true that you must keep your boots dry. However, it kills your boots if you put them under direct sun light. Sun light can easily discolor boots, making them look old and faded. The best way to protect your boots from the sun is to store them in cabinets inside your house and not too close to the door where there is possible contact with sun light and only wear them during autumn or winter.

4.      Use Boot Protector Spray

All the above are cool enough to keep your boots in shape and in the right colors. However, your boots are still vulnerable to dirt, rain, and other factors when being worn. Investing in a boot protector spray is more economical than buying a new pair of boots because your newly bought one get damaged too fast. Boot protector spray protects your boots from getting stains and lessens the damages when contacting with water.

5.      Clean Your Boots

In case your boots unfortunately get stains, the best way to save them is to clean the dirt as soon as possible. Use a mini broom to sweep away dusts on the outer surface. If there are mud or similar sticky stains on the boots, use a piece of dry cloth soaked in diluted detergent or baby cleanser to wipe out the dirt. Do not put your boots under the tap or soak them in washing basin.

A shining pair of boots is result of smart efforts of avoiding possible damages & maintaining its original form and color.