5 Tips To Farewell Pain When Wearing High-Heels

High heels are surely sexy and elegant, yet, it takes trade-offs to earn those things. It is often uneasy to be completely comfortable in a pair of high heels that is higher than 4 inches. In worse cases, your feet even suffer from unendurable pain that affects your movement and thus, reduces your productivity. Since it is hard to say no to high heels, we need to figure out ways to eliminate or minimize the pain. Here are 5 tips to protect your feet from high heels pain and help making every footstep more lightweight and confident.

5 Tips To Farewell Pain When Wearing High-Heels

1.      Pick The Right Size

No matter what type of shoes you are wearing, choosing the right size is the first thing of all. A pair of shoes that is too loose would make it too hard to even lift your feet, meanwhile, one that is too tight would restrict your blood flow and put your foot health in danger.

Know that you can barely be productive with a hurting foot. Therefore, when it comes to shoes, especially high heels, you should be extra careful in choosing the size. Go to the store at late afternoon or night when your feet are at their most stretched size after an entire day walking. Know your size and make sure to try each and every shoes you are going to buy as different shoes have non-referable sizes.

2.      Do Not Walk in Hurry

Unless you are running away from a terrorist attack, try to not be hurry on high heels. You may make longer step, but do not run or walk too fast. The haste does not only make you appear pathetic on high heels but also is against the nature of them. High heels are not walkers or runners. They are created to support charming and listless steps. Walking fast in high heels will increase friction between your toes and the shoes, thus causing wounds and pain to your feet.

3.      Soak Your Feet in Lukewarm Water

After a long day in high heels, taking care of your feet by soaking them into lukewarm water within 20 – 30 minutes before sleep. Lukewarm water does not only help distressing the feet, but also foster blood flow and help re-energizing the feet.

4.      Use Bandages To Stick 2 Toes Together

When it comes to high heels, the center of gravity falls on the toes. Contrasting to the big and index toes, the remaining 3 toes rub against the shoes more due to their short lengths. You might feel pain and notice small desquamates on these toes when wearing new high heels. To solve the problem, use bandages to stick the middle and fourth toe together. The reduced friction between these two toes will also relieve the pain cause by friction while walking.

5.      Use Sticky Heel Grips

This is the perfect solution to prevent the back of your heels from rubbing too much against the shoes. This oval grips can be glued onto the shoes where contacting with the back of your heels. They do not only help to stabilize your feet but their soft or smooth materials also help making rubbing unpainful. You can buy these sticky heel grips at any shoes store or supermarkets.

Practice these tips well and give proper care to your feet, the healthy and strong feet are the reward you deserve.