6 Tips to Stretch Out The Shoes

As the growth of society, everyone becomes busier; so purchasing online is becoming popular. And sometimes, the shoes you order online are not fit your feet, and they can make you uncomfortable and sore. So there are six tips to widen a pair of tight shoes in a quick and easy way but still save money.

6 Tips to Stretch Out The Shoes

1. Wearing shoes indoors regularly

If you accidentally buy a pair of tight shoes but cannot change the size; you should put on these shoes daily in the house: while you are sitting at the computer, cooking, or even lying on the sofa. Because when you wear them so much, your shoes will become gradually wider and fit into your feet.

2. Dryers and socks

This way is very simple. You just need to carry a pair of thick socks and put on the shoes; then dry them. As your shoes begin to heat up, let’s move your toes and feet slightly so that your shoes are stretched.

However, you should not leave the dryer too close to the shoes because it can make your shoes scorching. Should be enough distance!

3. Water and refrigerator

You pour water into two bags then tie them. You need to put these water bags in your shoes, and put these shoes into the fridge to freeze the ice within one day. This frozen water will work as a large mold which will loosen up your shoes.

When taking the shoes out, you should leave them 20 minutes so as that the ice can dissolve. Finally, you just need to try on them to check, but remember to wear thin socks to avoid the cold.

But for this way, you should not apply to the expensive shoes because they can lose their forms.

4. Shoe stretcher spray

It is very simple for you to go to shoe stores and buy a shoe stretcher spray. However, when using this product, your shoes can lose their color, so you should not spray too much and remember to read “Instructions for use” carefully. There is a piece of advice that is to mix this spray with water follow a 1: 1 ratio to reduce the damage to your shoes.

5. Potatoes

If you only feel tight in your toes, place a medium sized potato in the shoes. But if you need to widen the shoes, you have to peel many potatoes and stuff them into the shoes; then leave them overnight to stretch.

Alternatively, you can also replace potatoes by wet paper or oat bars to gain the same effect.

6. Shoe stretcher

The final method for women who often buy tight shoes is to always have the shoe stretcher in the shoe cabinet. You should choose a shoe stretcher that fits the size of your feet in both width and length. A shoe stretcher is adjustable, so it is safe and very convenient to use.