Best 6×9 Car Speakers 2017

Have you already spent a large amount of money buying a new car? Are you wondering whether you should keep investing a modern system of the 6×9 speaker? This article will show you the best 6×9 speakers which may be suitable for you to use.

Whenever your family plans to have a trip to other places, traveling by your car is always a good selection to save money. But this decision can lead to the fact that you will get sleepy because of controlling the car by yourself.

Besides during the time of driving, being annoyed and tired at rush hours is unavoidable. The roads are terrible with dozens of cars. In fact, there are a lot of solutions for escaping from these bad feelings. They include reading books or funny stories, watching film and listening to news or music.

However, you cannot read books or watch movies in the car. Your car needs one person to drive. So, listening should be on the top of choosing. Besides preparing clothes, documents and other important things for trips, it is recommended to equip your car with an amazing 6×9 speaker.

All information provided in this article will discuss some kinds of the 6×9 speaker. Furthermore, features for you to base on when choosing the best 6×9 speakers included. Let’s see.

Top 5 Best 6x9 Speakers For Your Car

How many factors distributed to the best 6×9 speakers deserving your valuable investment are there?

Recently, the number of 6×9 speakers’ functions does not top at the number one. Instead of just playing music and news, users can have a phone call through Bluetooth as well as listen to audio books. A range of size, power, and the price is likely to make buyers confused. Followings are points you are suggested to take look when purchasing a system of 6×9 speakers.

Design & Style

Anytime you decide to shop a speaker, its display combined with the material or metal should be put into consideration. The look and design play an important factor in deciding the quality of the sound that it will produce. The speaker components are made from affecting much the sound quality. The components of products have effect on the durability of the system entirely.

  • Tweeter: The tweeter is usually made with soft materials including textile blends, silk, or polyurethane, which help produce a warm sound. Having said that harder materials such as metal, ceramics, or graphite, make the sound pop with higher tones.
  • Surround Materials: It is the casing around the woofer. It has not to be destroyed by heat and humidity. The best performing material is rubber. In contrast, foam and cloth surrounds are less costly and still work well.
  • Woofer: To produce the bass sounds, the woofer needs to be constructed with a lightweight, stiff one. Polypropylene is a popular material since it produces accurate bass sounds. Other materials like woven fabrics may also be used.

Cost & Prices

The price of all car speakers is not the same. Simple replacement speakers can be very affordable, while the high-tech, high-performance systems can value as much as a reused vehicle or more. Drivers should determine their budget before starting to shop and then find speakers with the best capabilities within that range. It is not difficult to repetitively raise the budget to include more capabilities or features in the car speakers. Remember that the size of the speaker does not necessarily reflect if a speaker will have a better sound overall.

Technical Quality

Just like any other gadget that you buy off the market, best 6×9 speakers also have certain technical qualities that needed to be compared with other brands. It matters what sort of RMS and peak the speakers work on. The sound is the most comprehensive thing coming out of the speakers. Additionally, if the quality is not up to the mark then what good are any of the other elements?

Sound Quality

The entire point of speaker systems is to produce sound with the high quality. As looking to upgrade ones, there are a few things that shoppers can look for to determine the quality of sound. Firstly, the frequency range should be checked. The range’s width is proportional to the speaker’s capability of reproducing sounds. Usually, the highest frequency that speakers have is 20,000 Hertz, and the lowest one is 10.

The next step is to consider the sensitivity rating. This does not necessarily have effect on the sound directly. Nevertheless, by utilizing the supplied power, it controls the deal of sound the speaker can generate. If a car has a low-powered stereo, the best choice is to get a speaker with a high sensitivity rating. In case the stereo is high-powered, the speaker with a lower sensitivity rating is suitable.

Reviews & Rating

Reviews and online testimonials help so far through the shopping process. People write about their experiences and their rulings when they purchase a product. They all present their opinions, but it tells you a lot about the quality of the best 6×9 speaker and the sound system.

Our Top 5 Best 6×9 Speakers 2017

Pioneer TS-D6902R Car Speakers

You can absolutely count on the sound quality from these speakers. They reproduce the ambiance in which sounds originate. Thanks to such amazing equipment, drivers feel the stage size, movement of singers, aural reflection and other different features vividly. Mentioned Pioneer D-Series speakers are available in 2-way design as well as 2-way coaxial components in multiple sizes that fit most automobiles. With this equipment model, no subwoofer is needed. The sound is crisp and clear all the time. They are an excellent couple of speakers, especially for the mid and high range of sound track.

Technical Measures

  • 2-way design
  • Peak: 360 Watts
  • RMS: 80 Watts


  • Good selection of tweeter diaphragm shapes
  • Wide-sized tweeter diaphragm
  • Light weight soft-dome diaphragm
  • IMX with amazing dual layers
  • Rear chamber
  • Thick woofer basket
  • Wide-sized woofer magnet
  • Passive crossover network with high quality


  • No bass if not forced with an EQ

New Kicker Car Audio Coaxial Speakers

These come in a little different shape than other speakers of this size. They have a large voice coil and have decreased distortion and increased great levels of efficiency. These speakers are ideal since the shape can be added simply into a 6×9 Speaker Box where you have the liberty to install woofer for a better and improved stereo sound as well as bass. Make sure that you add in the amplifier as well so that it supports the system. The quality hence can be enhanced by connecting the speaker and the woofer parts.

Technical Measures

  • 3-way design
  • Peak: 360 Watts
  • RMS: 70 Watts


  • Great sound


  • A good amp needed

Alpine SPJ-691C3 Alpine Coaxial 3-Way Speaker

These choices produce far better sound options that will let you play the best tunes on a high volume with totally no noise and disturbance. The quality of the pitch and vocals will be clear and precise in these best 6×9 speakers with nice bass.
The speaker sounds rich. It is goof for many kinds of music such as modern and classic one. Furthermore, it has the lively range. The wonderfull bass that creates natural sound track cannot be ignored. It offers loud quickly but as mentioned, they require the power of 400 Watts at the peak and to make RMS run smothly, it need 60 watts. So you should put this element in consideration before ordering a pair. Very clear and warm on the mid and high sound track. There is no amp needed.

Technical Measures

  • 3-way design
  • Peak: 400 Watts
  • RMS: 60 Watts


  • Rich sound
  • Dynamic range
  • Solid bass and natural sounding
  • Easy installation
  • Great quality


  • Not original alpine

Rockford Fosgate 3-Way Full-Range Coaxial Speaker

Rockford Fosgate R169X3 Prime is determined as the great one with a killer price. The wide tweeters help speakers have a durable look. More bass and OEM paper are likely to be handle with a rubber speaker line. Included in the box was some wires with connections already placed. And plenty of screws are well installed. Another strong feature of this is to have a surprising bass level. These are not some miracle bass thumpers which some accountant accidentally priced at 45 bucks. They are produced to replace factory speakers. They are 2-65 watts RMS. This means they are generated to handle 2-65 watts for normal operation. If you have 6×9 factory speakers, these will probably work great. If you don’t need a little amp. Using this type of speaker, you have opportunities to feel the kick drums. You can understand and recognize the exactly reproduced sound; it is a no-brainer at a price.

Technical Measures

  • 3-way design
  • Peak: 130 Watts
  • RMS: 65 Watts


  • Impressive sound
  • Durable looking
  • Easy installation


  • Shortage of a high-pass crossover for the best performance

CT Sounds Bio Coaxial Car Speakers

If you are searching for a bigger than 6.5-inch speaker, it will not be regretful to pick this. Such Bio 6×9-inch speaker is potential to bring you marvelous solutions. In fact, being produced with a set of apt credentials, this speaker can create the true surround sound within your car.

About material, speaker’s cover is from Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR). So, you do not have to worry about durability as well as aestheticism. Basing on information about factors to choose the best 6×9 speakers mentioned in the prior part, this product meets requirements for design and style. It is because that plastic polypropylene (PP) and Silk-dome are utilized in woofer and tweeter production respectively. It is the suitable selection for who is finding a stand-alone speaker which sounds great by itself.

Technical Measures

  • 2-way design
  • Peak: 160 Watts
  • RMS: 80 Watts


  • Crisp and clear sound, especially the high tracks of music
  • Reasonable price
  • Easy installation


  • Shortage of hardware, wires, instructions or a manual
  • Lack of bass

Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 400W Speakers

This is one of the most popular and best 6 x 9 speakers of Kenwood model these days. If you expect to stay in budget but invest for durable speaker, this will deliver rich sound choices.
Despite being cheap, the sound quality, as well as other features of this Kenwood’s product, works smoothly for majority of vehicles. Being a 3-way one, Kenwood KFC offers the most versatile and best sounding of the 3. There are two tweeters with different sizes in one pair. Their roles are to handle high-mid and ultra-high frequency sound. You will take a chance of enjoying the high quality of music even more. This choice gives owners the awesome mid-range and great bass from the size of 6 x 9 inch.

Moreover, the hard cover, stiff wider cone on these which are surrounded by cloth looks quite durable. With outstanding points about a surface, Kenwood KFC-6965S will be still good for a hot and sunny rear deck position. The product is with low price, not a low performance.

Technical Measures

  • 3-way design
  • Peak: 400 Watts
  • RMS: 45 Watts


  • High sensibility
  • Cheap price
  • Excellent sound without distortion
  • Great range for mid and high sound tracks


  • No high output head unit
  • No dedicated amp


All these brands and speakers are sorted by the best features and descending prices. These are not low profile 6×9 ones but well known among the spenders. All these choices are the best 6×9 speakers for bass quality and pitch.

All the kinds mentioned above deserve your investment. However, I highly recommend Kenwood KFC-6965S 6 x 9 Inches 3-Way 400W Speakers. It does not make users disappointed. Moreover, the lowest price for speakers on this list belongs to that from Kenwood brand. One product is cheap but not sounds cheap.

Hope that you can choose the right 6×9 speakers that meet all your expectations. Thank you for taking time to read my reviews.