Best Air Hockey Table

Have you ever been appealed to the magic whooshing and blowing sound of the best air hockey table? If yes, then it’s high time to own such fun indoor. Despite its inferior size, home air hockey tables have the same durable structure as their professional counterparts. Their minimum size enables you to place them at your disposal and have your joyful experience.

The vast array of types and sizes of air hockey table in today market may appear to make buying the best one a daunting task for you at first. Your skill level and your ambition to improve that are some factors that you may take into consideration to pick out your suitable product. Here are the most popular and easy-to-use air hockey tables, followed by tips for buying yours in a proper way.

Best Air Hockey Table

How to Use Air Hockey Table?

A wonderful air hockey indoor game has every capability of giving you the same excitement and sense of achievement as you are joining a real tournament. But, you need to learn the rules of this game and an appropriate time amount spent practicing. You can view this video to understand the rules better:

How to Buy a Best Air Hockey Table?

Careful consideration as much as possible is necessary for purchasing a table and the like if you don’t want to receive a waste of money. Having a clear idea of what you are going to possess is the best way of all for a wise buying decision. In other words, a checklist on your hands gives you a head start.

The purchase guidelines below (with crystal clear qualities of a perfect air hockey table you should bear in mind) will come in handy once you start your table hunt.


The air hockey table type will considerably decide the appropriate materials from which it is manufactured. In general, a small-sized and low-priced table may come with plastic and wood panels, whereas tables with 4-6 feet in length usually consist of MDF and metal upper part supported by wood or metal legs. If solid wood and robust metal are the materials you’re looking for, then get your hands on premium quality products.


Air hockey tables are categorized into three basic types: table top air hockey – existent tables with a game of air hockey installed on the top; convertible table – tables easy to change into other game tables such as ping-pong, pool and the like; finally, standard tables – independent air hockey table. There are also other kinds beyond this category, including those tailored for outdoor activities or more than two players. To pick out the most suitable product, consider your purchasing power and your playground and make the final decision.


Within one particular type, air hockey tables are available in various sizes. For instance, stand-alone tables offer reduced-size products that are suitable and friendly-use for kids. Likewise, children can also play this game of air hockey with table-top type. Sizes are also varied among convertible tables.

Not just for children’s play, air hockey tables are also designed to fit the height of adults who may painfully stretch their body when playing with the small-sized table.

If there are tall teenagers in your family, which one is the most suitable for them? The answer is a long-legged table to conform to those great players.

To be specific, for a home table, the most favored size ranges from 4 to 6 feet; whereas, for those used in tournament play, it is a 7-8 size range. Remember that the table size you choose, whatever it is, should fit your room space.

Speak of table thickness; an exact number of 0.75 inches is perfect for a smooth- surfaced and excellent hockey table.

Solid Structure

A table made of solid wood is ideal for strong play; let’s choose it if you have enough money. Besides, one more thing worth noting is that the table needs to have strong legs with sturdy screws tightly holding the joints together.

Leg levelers are the additional features of your ideal table to stop it from being annoyingly unstable.

The last thing to bear in mind is rink walls. To put it more correctly, these pink walls, if made of thin laminate aluminum for regular use, will blunt the rebound ability. If made of sturdy or solid aluminum, the arena walls will perform far better regarding bounciness.

Consistent Air Power

True to its name, air is the ultimate deciding factor in an interesting game of air hockey. The way it functions is starting to form the fans, then through all over the surface to mobilize the puck efficiently.

You may wonder whether to choose a battery-operated or plugged-in table because each has its pros and cons. Then why not pick a hybrid one? You can play joyfully without worrying about the battery life span or the socket availability.

Exciting Add-Ons

Some add-ons are included in many air hockey tables available in the nowadays market, just to give the game more fun. While some traditional tables make you keep track of your score by yourself, others are equipped with electronic scoreboards to help you play as carefree as possible.

Top 5 Best Air Hockey Table Reviews

NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric Scoring Air Hockey Table

Buying a good air hockey table is one of its’ best ways to make fun of every member of your family. People who are at any age can play this truly interesting game. And indeed there are a variety of kinds of the products you can consider. You need to be careful to choose the right table for you.

Firstly, you have to determine which level you are at, the price you may afford, and how much your home can contain. There is one kind of the favorite air hockey table which is suitable for anyone, whether you are a novice or an experienced player. So it is better not to spend too much money on an advanced product. NG1009H Carmelli Face-Off 5ft Electric Scoring Air Hockey Table is the one for you.

This product is big, sturdy and also contains the electronic scoring. This air hockey table is suitable for anyone who is at any age. It seems like you are playing a real hockey match on the field. The legs of this product are L-shaped, and the item has the high levelers, so it’s easy for you to put it in any rooms. The system of the electronic scoring will recognize the scores whenever someone makes a goal.

The Carmelli Face-off 5ft Air Hockey Table with the Electric scoring function not only makes your feel so arcade but also you will feel so comfortable in spite of playing the hockey in your house. The legs of the product are sturdy and thick. Moreover, the item consists of a legit MDF structure, so you will be serious to play. Besides the wonderful graphics, it is also joyful to follow which player is winning by seeing the scores on the digital scoreboard.

Playcraft – Center Ice 7′ Air Hockey Table

This hockey table is 7 feet in length and provides a quite high output of 120 volts. That is the reason why the Playcraft – Center Ice Air Hockey Table is one of the greatest contenders. Because of using the electricity of 120 volts, so this item is suitable for most of the households, and it doesn’t require the special wiring.

This air hockey table also consists of a PVC playfield which is 75 inches so the players can prefer the actions which are fast-paced. The legs which are 6 inches is designed in the pedestal style and creates the firm base for the activities of fast-paced. Besides, this product also includes the levelers of the diameter leg which are 5 inches. One advantage of this table is that there is an electronic score located at the end. So sometimes, the players may not see the marks on the scoreboard.

Hathaway Face-Off Air Hockey Table with Electronic Scoring-5 Feet (Blue/Black, 60 x 26 x 31-Inch)

Hathaway Face-off Air Hockey Table is quite sturdy and big, and certainly, includes an electronic score. This product is made of the environmental materials and works against playing rigorously. The 5 feet table provides a playing surface which is the poly-sealed slick one. There is one 110V UL blower fan which will provide the air flow in the max level for the entire surface.

The legs are shaped following the character L with the support of the side and end panels. That is the reason why the table is very stable even when there are some hardest slapshots. The legs are independent and significant to level in any rooms, and the system of electronic scoring follows the scores quickly. The graphics of this air hockey table along with the details of this table make it become a winner. Notably, the product includes a 90-day warranty.

American Heritage 390074 Monarch Series Air Hockey Table with Two-Player Electronic Scorer and Unique Overhead

If you want to be one skilled player in the future, you should consider a common item which is both affordable and gives you chances to develop the skill. And please consider the space of your home or your business before bringing it back home. Go for 390074 Air Hockey Table of American Heritage in the Monarch Series with Two-Player Electronic Scorer and Unique Overhead!

This product of the air hockey table is 84-inch in length. Compared to any other products, this item is heavier, so it is truly better to stand abuse. The 390074 Air Hockey Table of American Heritage in the Monarch Series is the color of the cherry red. It also provides a first steel arch which is overhead and includes big silver pieces located at the corner of the table.

The item includes the surface designed with the starburst which can support for the players to line up the shots better. There is one special thing about this product is that there is the manual together with the electronic scoring. The blower of the American Heritage 390074 Monarch uses the source of electricity which is 120 volts, so it is truly strong. The heavier packs can also be used for this air hockey table.

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

Mark Robbins designed the product called the Gold standard Games home Pro Elite ruggedly. This item is considered as the greatest contenders among the comparable products. Because of its commercial-grade motor, with the aid of this tool, heavier pucks can be used for the players to be rough on this air hockey table.

The table features the playfield along with some cabinet aprons so you may use this product for years without being worried about cracking. The playfield which is laminated includes the thick MDF board so it is really strong. Furthermore, the legs are made of the heavy polymer to stand sturdily even when the attendees bounce off it.

There are also three legs of levelers which can be adjusted about one inch. Like any other tables, the surface of this item is also laminated. With the help of an extended top rail which the rail fasteners stabilize, it is easier to play the puck in.

The players can recognize the pucks moving on the table even when they are actually fast. There are a lot of styles of playing the game with this kind of the air hockey table. You can choose a timed game or a solid number of scores. This product is 84.75-inch in length. The blower of the Gold Standard Games is 210 CFM so it can create more airflow when it is compared to other wonderful air hockey tables.


Well, through this article, we hope to you can get more useful knowledge about some products of the best air hockey table, as well as how to choose one great product among the variety of kinds on the market today. Please read this post carefully and indeed you can make a right decision. Let’s go to the stores and consider the products following the guides we have provided above. Let’s enjoy the wonderful games with your family and friends with these amazing air hockey tables. It is great, isn’t it?