Best Body Pillows 2017

For those people who are currently in need of a comfortable night sleep, purchasing a body pillow may be the perfect decision at this moment. However, you may not get familiar with this item since you have never used it before or you do not buy the suitable one for yourself. As a result, I am going to introduce you the list of top 5 best body pillows, and then, you can choose your favorite one after all. There are some benefits of using this item including avoiding the snoring, neck and back pain together with the others that we can identify below.

Best Body Pillows

The Benefits of Body Pillows

In particular, the body pillow is exactly a beneficial sleeping tool with no doubt since I have realized a variety of advantages after using it for a long time. Nevertheless, this item can support different problems for different people so that you need to know your current issue to buy the most suitable one.

More specifically, you can tuck the body pillow between your knees while sleeping, which will allow you to straighten your back, your knees as well as your legs at the same time. By this way, you can establish a good sleeping position.

Furthermore, a body pillow plays an important role in relieve numerous pains based on the case of each person. For instance, if you are struggling with back pains too much, sleeping with a body pillow is an amazing method which aims to support specific body points during your sleep at night. I am sure that by using this incredible tool, you can gradually reduce your pain.

Besides, I highly recommend that pregnant women should use a body pillow every day since it will provide more comfort than a traditional one. If you get used to the body pillow, you can create the right sleeping position, have better blood flow during the night as well as have a good sleep without any interference.

With all of these great benefits, I think that everyone is eager to buy the body pillows for yourself and your beloved people. By doing this, you cannot only maintain but also improve your health in the long run.

Therefore, if you are fond of the right way to sleep with a body pillow, please watch this video for detailed instructions:

How to Select the Best Body Pillow

For anyone who is interested in buying a body pillow at this time, you need to consider a diversity of elements before your purchase. By this way, you can choose the most suitable one that can maximize your satisfaction in the future.

Size of The Body Pillow

From the name, you can imagine that the body pillow will have a long shape, but there is still a number of size options for you to choose based on your height. In particular, I suggest that you should aim for a body pillow which is as long as the distance between your head and your knees. With this ideal length, you can feel free to sleep all night without any disturbances. Also, you can put great support for all part of your body, which will reduce the chance of possible pains for the next day.

Shape of The Body Pillow

In the market nowadays, there are a variety of body pillows with different shapes. However, the most common one is the straight and flat type since people are keen on using it for many years. These days, to provide more options for the customers, many manufacturers are trying to produce more pillow shapes, which can meet the customers’ demand and expectations.

As a consequence, you can look for the circular as well as some letter-shaped pillows according to your preference. With the circular shape, you can have more support for your knees and your chest. On the other hand, letter-shaped body pillows including C, U, and J can make your back, your neck and your head feel more comfortable during long sleep.

More importantly, I advise that pregnant women ought to choose the U-shaped pillows since they can provide the most support when compared with the others. The mothers-to-be can have a firm support for their backs as well as the other parts of their bodies.

Stuffing of The Body Pillow

Going to the next point, I am going to talk about the stuffing of the body pillow. Normally, the pillows are stuffed with fibers since this material can give more support for the users. Otherwise, you can see some pillows which are stuffed with foam. This kind of material is excellent at making you comfortable and offering great support at the same time.

However, in case you are in need of a body pillow that is affordable and easy to carry around, you should choose the cotton pillow. This type of pillow is my favorite one because I can feel the comfort after sleeping for many hours and I still use this until now.

Purpose of The Body Pillow

Last but not least, the purpose is one of the essential factors that you need to consider carefully since each body pillow can help you to solve a specific problem. You need to know your issue and then seek for the most suitable one for yourself. Some pillows are considered as the perfect choice for those people who are coping with back pains. However, the others are suitable for preventing the snoring.

Thus, you have to make sure about your problems to buy the most suitable pillow. By this way, you can meet your current needs as well as ensure that your money is well-spent eventually.

Top 5 Best Body Pillows 2017

Snuggle Pedic Combination Body Pillow Kool Flow

First of all, I am going to show you the great product from Snuggle-Pedic, which has earned its reputation for providing the high-quality body pillows in the market nowadays. This model is perfect for those people who are dealing with back pain since it will offer great support for this area during your sleep. Moreover, it is stuffed with shredded memory foam, which will provide you with a comfortable position.

Furthermore, this company has a very nice delivery packing after you buy it. When I first receive this product, the body pillow is carefully packed inside a plastic bag. After you remove it, the pillow will gradually turn into its full size so that you do not need to worry about its original size.

However, if you want to quickly expand this pillow, you can place it in the dryer, which can definitely make the pillow return to its normal shape. In addition, you will be immersed into the outstanding cover of the pillow since it is very well-designed. Also, the material of the cover is made of polyester combined with bamboo viscose, which will enable you to use this pillow for a long time.


  • Not easy to heat up during the night
  • Easy to wash and dry by hands and by machine
  • 20 years of warranty


  • The separate foam chunks need improving

Coop Home Goods 20×54 Inch Polyester Blend Cover

The second place within top 5 best body pillow will belong to Coop Home Goods with a number of fascinating factors. Firstly, I am quite a big fan of this product’s filling, which is full of CERTI-PUR foam. This kind of stuff is free of toxic chemical substances as well as other harmful metals. Moreover, you can easily wash and dry the pillow’s cover in the machine since it is proportionally made of polyester and bamboo viscose.

Furthermore, this body pillow is good for people who cannot put up with dust and overheating issues. Hence, you can lay your trust on the breathable design together with the super soft fabric. By resting on this pillow, you can have a wonderful sleep all night. Besides, if you have a severe back pain, you need to buy this item immediately since it will keep your body in a straight line without causing any troubles.


  • Be able to stay cool under any circumstances
  • Good for people who are enduring back pain


  • Quite heavy when compared with other models

Microbead Body Pillow Removable Hypoallergenic

Next, we are going to have a description of Microbead Body Pillow, which deserves to earn a spot on this list. At first, many people are willing to buy this fantastic item since it is very unique regarding the squishy feeling. Moreover, with a number of microbeads, you can have the firm support and also, it is very lightweight to carry around.

Furthermore, you might be strongly impressed by the cylindrical shape, which is easy to bend every time. That is why this pillow is perfect for anyone because it can easily adjust to support any part of your body. As a result, there is no doubt that many pregnant women choose to sleep with this wonderful pillow to protect their sleep.


  • Zippered removable cover for easy cleaning
  • Free of dust mite
  • Lightweight but provide firm support


  • Not quite durable

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow, Ivory

Going to the next place among the best body pillows, I am going to tell you about Leachco Snoogle. With the shape of the letter C, this pillow is well-designed to wrap around both of your back and your front. Simultaneously, your neck will be protected a lot. As a consequence, I highly recommend that you should buy this incredible body pillow as a gift for your friends and your family members.

In particular, you are not afraid of the cleaning work since you can remove the sham pillowcase for machine washing. Otherwise, you can buy another case to replace with the used one in case you cannot wash the cover at an instant.


  • C-shaped design for great support
  • Recommended for pregnant women


  • The support is not firm

PharMeDoc Total Body Hypoallergenic Pillow

The last place among top 5 best body pillows will be PharMeDoc, which will catch your attention at first sight. This product seems larger as well as provide more support than the other models in the current market. Hence, you can make your whole body feel totally comfortable including your neck, your back, your shoulder together with your knees.

Although this pillow may keep a large space on your bed, all of the benefits will outweigh this minus point. In my opinion, PharMeDoc body pillow will be suitable for people who are tall and big.


  • The airflow inside the pillow is excellent
  • Suitable for tall people since its length is 60 inches


  • Easy to tear


In summary, I hope that all of the information in the list of top 5 best body pillows will help you gain more understanding about how to choose the suitable item for yourself. However, if you have any confusion, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.