Best Double Din Head Unit 2017

These days, many people need to use their cars a lot for their business, personal travels as well as regular transportation daily. As a consequence, you should purchase and install a high-standard car stereo system in order to refine your spirit and feel comfortable during long drives. In order to help you identify the good products, I am going to introduce some of the best double din head units as below.

Best Double Din Head Unit

How to Install the Double Din Head Unit?

Before going to know the best double din head unit at this time, you need to know how to install it into your car. Firstly, you need to prepare enough tools such as wire strippers, wire crimpers, some pry tools and a nut driver. Also, make sure to but the installation accessories including zip ties, butt connectors, your stereo installation kit together with wiring harness. After having all of the equipment as I just mentioned, we can start installing the double din head unit.

The first and foremost step that you cannot neglect is to disconnect the battery of your car since we do not want power flowing through the vehicle during the installation process. Next, you will continue to remove the factory stereo, but you need to find the resistance points on the panel which can prevent you from prying on something. As a result, you can pull the stereo out by using the screwdriver effectively. You should remember to unplug all of the factory connections before taking the stereo out.

The next step is doing the vehicle wiring harness and plugging it right into the factory connections. If you hear the click, it means that is successfully connected. After that, you need to plug the harness into the vehicle and it is time to slide the head unit into place. Make sure that you do not have any dangling wire on the bottom.

I used to struggle a lot for the first time of installation, but you will gradually get familiar with it. Therefore, I suggest that you should check whether all of the screws are in the correct place or not. Overall, these steps are quite easy and simple to do, hence, I can do it and you can do it too.

Our Top 5 Best Double Din Head Unit 2017

Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display and Bluetooth

First of all, I am going to describe the double din head unit from Pioneer, which is considered as one of the best brands nowadays. Pioneer aims to provide all of the possible benefits for the users, so that everyone can afford a touch screen in the dash. Moreover, this 280BT is the updated and refresh version when compared with the previous ones.

When you purchase the Pioneer AVH-280BT In-Dash DVD Receiver, you will be provided a number of accessories such as Bluetooth, microphone, a bag of screws, USB extension as well as the power plug. Furthermore, you can have the owner’s manual so that you can read carefully about the functions of this item before the installation.

Now, let’s look at the back of the unit and we have an input for rear view camera, a video output, a USB input, auxiliary input and the front RCA output as well. Also, we can see the power block, the steering wheels’ control input and the microphone input. After you first turn this device on, it will ask you to choose your language including English, Spanish, Portuguese and French. Furthermore, you can set the clock and date and adjust the screen color with just a few simple clicks.

However, the most outstanding feature is the screen, which is 6.2 inches in order to maximize your entertainment. In my opinion, I am quite a big fan of the audio pack where you can adjust the Graphic EQ, Rear Speaker, Preout level together with the 3-step loudness. In addition, the Bluetooth features will satisfy your needs since it allows to make hands-free calling with wideband speaker. As a result, if you are looking for a nice and affordable double din head unit, you cannot ignore this wonderful product for sure.


  • Affordable and nice design
  • Consist of many stunning functions
  • Connect your iPod or iPhone directly to the USB Control
  • Provide clear and great sound for phone calls


  • There is a buzzing sound during some Bluetooth connection
  • The volume bar is sometimes hard to see

Kenwood DPX502BT Double-Din CD Receiver with USB Interface & Bluetooth

Secondly, among the list of top 5 best double din head unit, Kenwood DPX502BT will be an incredible name. I am really immersed into the design since it is very awesome and able to match with the colors of your car. Moreover, when listening to a number of songs, the sound quality is way better than the others in the current market.

In particular, Kenwood DPX502BT has a variety of cool features such as the variation button illumination. This function can help you customize the two zones of the radio with different colors. Otherwise, you can choose one fixed color for the entire stereo. Moreover, the built-in Bluetooth is designed to not only stream the music from your personal device but also help you fully control a diversity of functions on your phone. For instance, you can make a phone call, search your phone book as well as dial any number.

Furthermore, I am quite impressed with the dual phone connection, which allows the users to switch between the two at an instant without spending much time and effort. In addition, you can link this item with numerous apps such as Pandora and iHeart Radio, which can bring more joy for you.

Last but not east, when looking at the bac, you can identify the steering wheel connection with a combination of a wiring harness input and an AMF antenna. Also, there are a total of 3 sets of 2.5-volt preamp outputs together with a Bluetooth microphone extension. Besides, this product is well-equipped with a wireless remote control, which will be suitable for your whole family during the weekend trips. After using this item for years, I highly recommend that you should purchase this stunning unit owing to various cool factors you have known.


  • Be able to customize the design and sound level according to your preference
  • Be compatible with some online apps
  • Include the wireless remote control for convenience


  • It is quite hard to see during the day due to the sunlight.
  • The brightness level is a little bit low

Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver with 6.2″ Display

Another high-standard double din head unit that I am going to talk about is AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver. As usual, this item is designed with a touchscreen of 6.2 inches. The interesting thing is that you can personalize the screen among 5 display colors, 13 backgrounds as well as a splash screen. Moreover, you will feel great with the AM/FM, Bluetooth hands-free calling together with Bluetooth music.

Besides, you can feel free to use this around your car since it has the remote control and 5 choice of languages. However, this product has earned its reputation for having the nuclear resistive touchscreen which is much shinier and sharper than the others. Furthermore, you can spot the power off button in the screen, which can allow you to turn the radio off without pressing the outer button too many times.

Also, with the drop down menu, you will be offered additional functions there, so that you can easily get access to camera view, power off and so on. This improvement has made things easier to use. Finally, you can have the dual phone Bluetooth pairing, which means that you can have one phone for music and one phone for phone calls. Therefore, why don’t you buy this great item and receive all of the best things?


  • New drop down menu for easy of use
  • Nuclear resistant touchscreen
  • New power off button on the screen itself


  • N/A

Pioneer AVH-X4800BS 7″ Motorized DVD Receiver

Many of you are going to ask that should you buy this product or does it have any unique features when compared with the other Pioneer items? Therefore, I am going to tell you some incredible features that may catch your attention and then you can make your own decision. At first, this product is quite big with 7-inch touchscreen LCD display of motorization. Moreover, it has up to 120 key colors, a navigation ready, Sirius XM Ready, Pandora Control as well as Siri Eyes Free.

In addition, a friendly feature of this item is that you can play the DVDs, which is considered as the perfect choice for entertainment during your long drives. You just need to press the eject button, the motorized panel will open up and then get your watching. Furthermore, you can be accessible to numerous apps, so that you can get the directions anytime. Also, you can check the weather condition on a 5-day basis as well as seek for the coming-up entertainment within your area.

Moreover, it is quite convenient to have a number of commands on the front, which includes volume mode, home, display, on and off. Now, lets move to the back and check out the connections. There are a variety of stuffs for input there such as USB, backup camera, optional adapter, audio video inputs and outputs.


  • Customize the music based on your style
  • Well-qualified DVD image
  • Input for backup camera
  • Excellent Bluetooth calling


  • The screen is too bright during the day

Jensen VX7020 2 DIN Multimedia Receiver, 6.2″ Touch Screen with Bluetooth & Built-in USB Port (Black/Black)

The last place among the best double din head unit will belongs to Jensen VX7020. When you start your car, this product also takes a short time to set up. On the screen, you can dial the calling number and get access to your phone book at the same time. For music playing, you can import your favorite songs there and and enjoy them during your drive. Moreover, you can move the icons on the screen around by holding them and take them to where you want.

For some people, if you are a lover of Sirius XM interface, I suggest that this product is suitable for you. You can perform all sorts of options such as programs, memory, channels category and the presets as well. Also, the setting is regarded as the primitive part since it is going to give you many choices for adjustments. For example, you can change the colors and different skins to your favorite one. This customized feature will allow the users to design the theme themselves, which will encourage them to buy Jensen VX7020.


  • Perfect size for double din dash openings
  • Accurate map of the United States
  • Help you to notice the excessive speed when driving


  • There are sometimes unexpected errors on navigation screen
  • Higher volume than other devices


In summary, I hope that you will find my list of top 5 best double din head unit useful and interesting. I am sure that you can decide which one is the most suitable for your car at this moment. However, if you want to get some additional advice, please feel free to contact me anytime.