Best Hammer Drills 2017

It can say that the driller is one of the important home appliances you should equip one because it brings many available benefits, drilling into the wall, drilling screw into the hard surface, for example. Correspondingly, if chosen the best hammer drill, you can reduce a lot of effort for works.

Best Hammer Drills

Which Are the Best Hammer Drills Suitable?

What a Hammer Drill Is

According to the technical definition and the way to work of the tool, a hammer drill is known as a revolving drill with the hammering functions, which allow you to quickly demolish the hard materials, in particular, wood, brick, and stone.

Normally, the models of the hammer drill are built in the rotary-hammering mechanism, which comes with the rotating movement and hammering performs. That’s why this machine is useful for drilling the wall.

Even, drilling the concrete materials is no problem, thanks to the boost of the pressure force. Plus, the changeable functions should be able to use for drilling and screwing in the screws in the wood, or working on the hard plastic and metal – it is so good.

For the hammer drills with multiple functions, you can utilize for a variety of purposes of drilling. It is known that the hard material will create the big friction force between the tool and material. So, if you have the large projects, it recommends that you use the special oil, emulsion, or paste to lubricate.

Furthermore, you also need to pay attention the safety when using the large work drilling because it will create the high force in comparison with the normal drilling. Therefore, they have often equipped the handrail.

The Hammer Drills – The Different Types

When saying to drills, they consist of two common types – hammer drills and rotary drills. For the hammer drills, you can use for drilling the ½”-diameter holes or less. On the contrary, you likely drill holes over ½” if using the rotary drills. The function of both is the same, but the hammer drills are lighter.

When picking up the hammer drill, you will have two choices – corded or cordless drills. For the cordless models, you do not need to access the AC power if you do not have a lot of holes to drill, but the batteries are limited. However, if had one more battery, the usage time will be extended.

Inevitably, the corded hammer drills are the ideal selection for drilling many holes and accessing to the AC power. Of course, you will not worry about the use time.

What Do You Look for When Buying?

For the time being, it is certain that you have known about hammer drills a bit. The next, by what means can you pick up the best hammer drill available on the market today? Look at here!

  • Your budget: How much must you pay for a hammer drill? The price of the hammer drills is various. Correspondingly, you need to find a suitable one for your budget. Basically, you will receive what you paid for, so you likely spend a bit of a good-quality drill if possible.
  • The purpose: Drilling rock, mortar, concrete, cinder blocks, and masonry will become simpler and easier if you use a hammer drill. You don’t just need it when you only drill the thin plastic, metal, or wood.
  • Motor power: Don’t utilize the whole power available if that one isn’t actually necessary. Apart from, you should also tax the chosen drill, in case your power is not enough. It recommends that you ought to buy more powerful one than what you need.
  • Cordless vs Corded: Your working place cannot access to the AC power or you don’t want the trouble to relate to the cords, right? Well, the cordless drills will be an ideal option for you. On the contrary, your work often needs to drill many holes and you don’t want to worry about the use time. So you should consider the corded drills.
  • Others: The lightweight and the reliable brand are the necessary factors you cannot ignore when choosing to purchase a hammer drill.

5+ Best Hammer Drill for Home Works

You have known what a hammer drill is and how to choose one, so now we will consider the best hammer drills you can add to your selection list. Let’s see! Go! Go! Go!!!

Bosch 1191VSRK Hammer Drill

The Bosch 1191VSRK Hammer Drill with many highlight features is considered as a good choice for the DIY projects or those who do not get used to utilizing a hammer drill.

In spite of the lightweight and the high durability, it may still provide the necessary need for drilling with the motor power ~ 120V – 7A. Accordingly, it allows you to drill up to 48,000 max bpms and 3000 rpms. It means that you likely drill into the steel and hardwood.

The sturdy design comes with the speed selector. Plus, a reversing switch enables you to remove bits or the stuck drill. I like the selector with a 2-mode operation, which helps the switch in utilizing the drill for rotating become easy.

With a usable handle, you can use a comfortable way and get a variety of gripping positions. You can control both quickly and easily while working, thanks to the 3600 handle is built-in with a depth gauge.

Furthermore, a myriad of accessories comes with this model, including, carrying case, auxiliary handle, depth rod, and chuck key. It is useful for you, right?

What we like:

  • Variable speed
  • Balance well
  • Perfect for drilling into concrete and stucco
  • Enough the power to get it done

What we don’t like:

  • Don’t support a trigger lock
  • It gets really hot when running it too hard

Makita HP1641K Hammer Drill

This is one of the quality drills from the Makita brand you can consider. This model comes with the high-quality and the reliable durability. The motor power is 6A, so it provides an output up to 2,800rpm and 44,800bp.

Despite the lightweight ~ 4,3lb, you can still use it for the hard DIY projects in your home. In additional to that, using for the rotation needs or the drilling demand with extra power by switching the Makita HP1641K Hammer Drill to the rotation-hammering mode, thanks to the 2-mode operation.

Aside from the ball-bearing construction, the life-extended motor brushes also contribute to providing longer shelf-life and smoother performance.

I especially like the handle of this drill because it brings the comfort. Apart from a soft grip, it still has an additional handle connected closely the side of the Makita drill. Like that, you always feel comfortable and easy to control when working in the tough surfaces as well as the tight spots.

Moreover, it has a safety feature – the lock-on button. It allows you to continue your drilling work when using it for an extended period of time. Coming with other beneficial accessories including a depth gauge, the keyless chuck,.. helps you in many cases.

What we like:

  • The price is right
  • The shelf-life lasts
  • Work well in the hard condition
  • The good-quality

What we don’t like:

  • The chuck does not well
  • Bit keeps slipping

DeWalt DW511 Hammer Drill

In case you are finding a hammer drill that can help you to tackle the tough surfaces such as masonry or steel an easy way, this DeWalt hammer drill is ideal for you. The motor is 7.8-amp and the torque is 2,700rpm, so you can use this machine for the majority of your DIY projects.

Aside from that, the modes with the variable speed enable you to change the drilling speed, based on the options of the surfaces. For the low speed, you can get the precise drilling while the high speed allows you to drill the deep holes.

Using this drill as a tool to drill into the concrete or a general drill is okay because it has equipped the dual model. The reversible feature of this drill especially makes me impressive. It is useful when the stuck drill or in case you need to remove it.

With plenty of power, but this model is not heavy ~ 4.3 lbs. What’s more, it comes with other additional features, a 3600 handle creates the accurate performance and the efficient control, for example.

Look at, the 7.8-amp motor with the overload protection, the comfortable rubber trigger, the 8-foot power cord, and the chuck key contribute to creating a quality drill for you.

What we like:

  • Low usage
  • Low price
  • Maximum versatility
  • Okay for soft masonry

What we don’t like:

  • It doesn’t include the carry bag
  • It is hot after trying one hole

Ryobi 18-Volt Cordless Hammer Drill

This powerful hammer drill is an ideal choice for the medium DIYs you want to perform. Aside from using it as a general drill for the simple tasks, you can also utilize it for drilling into the concrete, thanks to the 1500-rpm and 19,500-bpm torque.

The Ryobi 18-Volt Hammer Drill consists of the 24-position clutch, which allows you to control efficiently when you want to switch between driving and drilling applications.

I love the useful features of this Ryobi because it helps your tasks complete easily and quickly. With the ½-inch keyless chuck, you are able to change drill bits an easy way.

All the bits and screws can be stored a convenient manner in the MAGTRAY TM magnetic holder. Moreover, to maintain accuracy is not difficult when it is built in the bubble level.

What we like:

  • Ideal for drilling masonry
  • An excellent tool for the medium-duty work
  • Light and easy-good
  • Performing well

What we don’t like:

  • Drilling on the older concrete slab is worthless
  • It doesn’t include the battery and charger

Milwaukee 2607-20 Hammer Drill

This drill can consider as one of the most portable hammer drills. In spite of the compact design, the Milwaukee 2607-20 Hammer Drill is still a good model with the large loads of power.

Correspondingly, it is suitable for the medium-drilling projects.

Using this drill you likely handle the majority of drilling surfaces and applications. Even, struggling with the concrete is also okay. With the speed-variable mode and the 500-lb torque, the RPM is up to 1,800, so your drilling task can quickly complete.

The handle is made of metal and is protected by the REDLINK Intelligence. I like this feature. When utilizing the highly demanding tasks, this drill is not overheating.

Although you must separately buy the battery and charger, this Milwaukee hammer drill is ideal for the narrow spaces due to the built-in LED light allows you to work in the low light. So good!!!

What we like:

  • Powerful
  • Work well
  • Compact
  • Good price

What we don’t like:

  • Thermal shutoffs are not cool
  • The usage time does not last

Final Thoughts

The mentioned products above have been enjoyed on the market today. The brands are also reliable. You can entirely pick up one for your drilling needs based on the necessary features of the best hammer drill provided above.

It hopes that this article will help you have a lot of useful information in choosing to buy the suitable drill for what you need. If you have any doubt, you can consult the feedbacks from the customers or your relatives or friends. Happy choosing enjoy!