Best Indoor Basketball 2017

As a sports hobbyist, I have been a big lover of basketball since I was in my secondary school. Therefore, I always tell my mom to buy a number of basketballs for me to practice at home after studying. And of course, I know that many people will share the same interest as me, but you cannot find a proper ball for yourself. I have to assure that the quality of the basketball will be a key factor for your game. As a result, I am going to introduce you the list of top 5 best indoor basketball immediately, and then, you can choose the appropriate one without any problems.

Best Indoor Basketball

What to Look for The Best Indoor Basketball?

For those people who do not know, a high-quality basketball with great bounce as well as incredible balance will be able to offer you the best game. Therefore, you need to identify some important elements when buying an indoor basketball so that you can maximize your satisfaction after all. In particular, there are a variety of things that you can pay attention including the materials, the air retention, the grip, the bounce level together with the proper size.

The Good Material of The Ball

Firstly, when it comes to the indoor basketball, quality is considered as one of the most significant factors that you should look into. Particularly, the ball’s material will decide its quality for sure. As you may know, there are a diversity of materials that can be used to make a basketball such as rubber and leather.

With the outdoor basketballs, the manufacturers tend to us the cheap rubber since it can increase the durability as well as affordability for every player. However, there is a minus point with this material is that it does not provide the best grip and the player does not have much control over the ball.

About the indoor basketball, it is mainly made of composite leather which is much softer than the rubber. Moreover, it will be able to provide excellent grip, and then, you can enjoy your dribbling more. Nevertheless, composite leather still gives the user a disadvantage related to the slippery issue. If you are a person that has sweaty hands, holding a composite leather ball will have more difficulty in a long time since this material is quite slippery.

As a consequence, instead of buying a composite leather ball, you can get a genuine leather one, which is widely used by a number of NBA professional players. Of course, this material is more expensive when compared with the others, but you can have the most comfort during your game. Overall, according to your need and preference, you can choose the material that is the most suitable for yourself.

The Air Pressure of The Ball

The second feature that you should consider is the air retention of the indoor basketball. In particular, I highly recommend that you should select the ball whose air pressure is from 7.5 to 8.5 pounds for every square inch. This figure is the ideal rate for a standard indoor ball so that you should remember clearly.

Furthermore, you will be very frustrated if your ball keeps losing air during the game. Thus, you have to make sure that your ball has the perfect air pressure for the enjoyable game.

The Grip of The Ball

I always have a lot of sweat in my hands after playing basketball for a while so that I tend to lose my grip on the ball. Hence, if you have the same concern as me, you need to choose the indoor basketball which is designed with a special surface for moisture reduction. By this way, this surface can absorb a great amount of your sweat as well as provide more control for the player.

Besides, you should not forget to have a careful look at the channels’ width together with the grooves’ depth, both of which will play a major role when you hold the ball. For instance, deep grooves will allow you to have more grip whenever palming the ball.

The Bounce of The Ball

Going to the next point, I am going to discuss the bounce of the indoor basketball. This element is very important since you can have the perfect game if your ball has the consistent bounce. As a consequence, you should choose the ball with the smooth surface, which will absolutely have better bounce.

The Size of The Ball

In my opinion, selecting the indoor basketball with the appropriate size will give you the best time in the end. You can hold this ball comfortable without putting much strength into it. As a result, there is a reminder that kids and girls tend to use a basketball that is small and lightweight so that either ball gripping or shooting will not be a problem for you.

I am sure that after going through these elements, you will have a general of how to choose the best indoor basketball for you and other people. In the following information, I am going to show you the list of top 5 best indoor basketball that is highly appreciated in the market these days since they cannot only meet but also exceed the expectation of many customers.

However, before going to the next part, you should watch this video to know clearly about the best shoes for your indoor game.

Our Top 5 best indoor basketball

Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball

First of all, I am going to describe Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball, which deserves to earn a spot on the list of top 5 best indoor basketball nowadays for many reasons. I have to say that this ball is considered as one of the perfect choices for both of the amateur and professional players. Therefore, it will not make you regret after purchasing.

In particular, Wilson Evolution Indoor Game Basketball is certified by the NCAA as well as the NFHS, and that is why it can maintain the public trust and customer loyalty for a long time. Moreover, this ball is designed with the special technology which is called as cushion core. With this development, the ball will provide every player the excellent bounce thanks to the combination of sponge rubber and butyl.

Furthermore, many people are interested in the microfiber composite leather, which will offer the best grip for any users. Besides, you are able to have a strong control over your ball without worrying about any problems associated with dribbling and holding.

To tell the truth, I am a big fan of this model for a while due to these fantastic elements. You will feel the same way as me after using this incredible ball. As a result, if you are in need of a standard indoor basketball regarding high-quality material, good air retention as well as durability, Wilson Evolution will become your perfect choice.


  • High-quality leather cover
  • Cushion core technology for exceptional feel


  • More expensive than the other models

Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball, NFHS Approved

Secondly, we are going to identify some great features about Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball, which can catch your attention at first sight. Firstly, this ball is made of synthetic leather so that it will be very durable, and then you can use it for many years without any replacement.

I think many people will not get familiar with this brand, but you have to know that Baden Elite is approved by NFHS for producing a diversity of excellent indoor basketballs in a long time. I have used this ball before, and it provides me the sharp bounce as well as supports my shooting well.

Also, I do not have to worry about my sweaty hands when using Baden Elite Indoor Game Basketball since it is excellent at absorbing the moisture for you. As a consequence, you have to quickly get this ball in an instant, and you can receive the best things such as perfect control, fast crossovers and also well-qualified grip.


  • Excellent at absorbing the sweat from your hands
  • Extremely durable


  • The tackiness is easy to fade

Baden Crossover Composite Basketball

Next, we are going to describe another model from Balden, which is called as Crossover Composite Basketball. This ball is covered by the flex composite, which will give you a really comfortable feel. Moreover, it is suitable for both of the indoor and outdoor game so that you are able to make full use of this item without spending more money.

Furthermore, I am extremely immersed into the symmetrical design that is perfect for your balance control during the game. Besides, Balden Crossover Composite Basketball has earned its reputation for having the wide channel so that you can feel free to hold this ball without any pressure.

Also, there is a total of 3 size options for you to choose, and I suggest that you should get the most suitable for your hand. By doing this, you can enjoy the basketball match the most with your close friends.

Additionally, there are some available colors to meet the demand of all players since everyone will have the different preference. Thus, you can choose your favorite colors on the website, and then buy it immediately since Balden is a great choice.


  • The cover offers the soft and tacky feel
  • Wide surface and symmetric design is suitable for every movement


  • This ball does not have good air pressure to support the bounce

Spalding NBA Replica Indoor Game Ball Series Basketball

Moving to the next one, we are going to describe the stunning indoor basketball from Spalding which will make everyone become absorbed with no doubt. This item is well-known for having the standard size for the official NBA championship games. Thus, this ball is guaranteed to provide the high quality for any users.

Moreover, this item is mainly designed for indoor games with microfiber composite cover. When you compared this model with the official one, you can notice that this one is firmer and provide great grip. As a result, you can ensure that your money is well-spent after the first purchase.


  • Standard size for NBA tournaments
  • High-quality cover


  • Quite slippery
  • Need to be softer for comfortable handling

Under Armour 695 Indoor Basketball

Last but not least, Under Armour 695 will be a stunning name that you cannot ignore in the list of top 5 best indoor basketball because it includes various great elements. You can see that this ball is covered by the distinct composite which is called as UA GRIPSKIN. This unique cover will be able to deliver the fantastic grip for every player.

Furthermore, you will have more benefits from the deep channel since it can offer the comfortable and stable ball holding. Besides, the nylon windings are capable of providing the best shape for this ball. Thus, this is regarded as the perfect ball for anyone who needs a good ball with great air retention.


  • Have excellent air pressure
  • UA GRIPSKIN composite cover


  • Quite expensive


In summary, I hope that all of the information in my article about top 5 best indoor basketball will give you an overview of this aspect. And then, you can select the most suitable item for yourself. However, in case you are in need of any advice and suggestions, do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.