Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

I am sure that more and more people all over the world are interested in having pets at home since you can enjoy your free time with them. You will forget all of the worries about your job as well as the social relationship whenever staying with them. However, you need to know how to take the best care of them so that they can grow healthy. I have experienced raising 4 cats at home and I am willing to share some effective tips with you. As a result, I am going to introduce you a list of the best litter box for multiple cats right now, and by reading this article, you can identify the reason why you have to buy this item immediately.

Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats

The Benefits of Litter Box for Multiple Cats

For those people who do not know about the litter box, you can think of it as a tool to toilet train your cats. Moreover, in case you have a number of cats at home, litter box will play a significant role in your way of taking care of your pets. Thanks to this wonderful item, you will no longer have to go around your house and spend much time on cleaning the mess that is caused by your cats.

More importantly, I realized that you cannot choose any litter box since you will regret this quick decision later. A suitable litter box will reduce your workload a lot and you can focus on the other necessary things for sure. As a consequence, I am going to show you some benefits that you can receive from having a litter box.

Improving the hygiene

The first benefit that you can take advantage of the litter box will be the proper hygiene. You have to know that buying this item will assist you to have control over your cats’ waste so that hygiene will be one of the top elements you should think about.

And fortunately, the litter box can offer you excellent hygiene, and your task is to make sure there are no leaks within the litter box. By checking this factor carefully, you can have the perfect product for yourself. Moreover, some litter box is good at get rid of all the odors related to your cats’ waste.

I have used my litter box for a long time, and I am never afraid of the bad smell from this item. Therefore, you need to ask about this matter clearly before buying any products in the market. You will find it frustrated and annoyed when your house is full of waste’s smell and you are too busy to clean this mess.

Thus, choosing the appropriate litter box can prevent you from suffering these problems. Furthermore, you can show your children how to keep everything clean and neat, which will provide them good knowledge in the long run.

Providing the comfort for your cats

The second thing that you can get from the litter box is your cats’ comfort. Your cat will be the one that use the litter box so that you have to ensure that they can feel comfortable and relaxing. By checking their reaction with this item, you can choose the best one for them.

Besides, you need to protect your cats’ privacy as cats are the same as human. You do not want to do this activity in public for sure. As a result, providing a private place for your cats to remove their waste will bring them more comfort in my opinion.

Do a great job to help your cleaning

Last but not least, the litter box is considered as the great tool that enables you to reduce much time and effort on cleaning your cats’ waste. I used to struggle a lot with cleaning my pets’ mess after returning home from work. Thus, after finding out the existence of litter box, I can feel free to do the other work first, and then focus on this matter later.

What to Look for When Buying the Litter Box for Multiple Cats

After reading all of the possible benefits of the litter box, you need to know how to choose the suitable one for yourself. There are some elements that you should consider before actually buying this item.

The size of the litter box

Having a cat and having multiple cats will make your choice different when buying the litter box. In my case, I have four cats in total so that I have to carefully consider either buying one big box or multiple small boxes. Regardless of your choice, you have to make sure that the litter box is capable of having enough space for all of your cats.

To choose the perfect size of the litter box, I highly recommend that you should check your cats’ size first, and then, you can measure the box size to fit your cats. If you buy the wrong size, your cats will refuse to use that litter box with no doubt.

Ability to neutralize the smell

When it comes to cats’ waste, you will feel terrible if you have to endure this smell for a long time. As a result, you need to find a litter box that can avoid this problem for you. Getting the litter box that are excellent at neutralizing the smell will maximize your satisfaction in the long run.

The design of the litter box

These days, people are concerned about the design of everything they buy since they tend to pay more attention to beauty and fashion. As a consequence, I suggest that you should select the litter box that is compatible with the architecture and color of your house. By doing this, the litter box can become one of the decorative items inside your house.

Apart from these factors, you need to know how to put the litter box at the right place. Thus, you can watch this video for more information:

Top 5 Best Litter Box for Multiple Cats 2017

Hagen CatIt Hooded Cat Litter Box

First of all, I am going to show you some outstanding features of Hagen CatIt Hooded, which deserves to earn a spot within the best litter box for multiple cats. If you are in need of the litter box that offers the privacy as well as extra comfort for your cats, this brand will be the perfect choice. As you may know, cats tend to avoid the public places when they want to poop so that this item will be suitable for their needs.

Moreover, I am sure that your cats will feel extremely comfortable with Hagen CatIt Hooded since the space is quite large, which is about 22x20x18. Furthermore, the door is easy to get in and get out for different sizes of cat.

Besides, you will no longer be worried about the smell of your cats’ poop since this litter box is designed with carbon filter ( This material is able to neutralize the smell perfectly and you can feel free to replace these things when necessary.


  • Spacious enough for moving
  • Tight design and no leaks
  • Ease of use for human and cats


  • No place for the poop scoopers

Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner Hooded Cat Litter Box

The second place among the best litter box for multiple cats will belong to Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner with a variety of stunning factors. When you first look at this product, you will be immersed into its incredible colors, which is the great combination of black and white. These two colors will give this litter box a clean look when compared with the others in the market.

Also, you can put this item at any places in your house since it is very neat. Moreover, Nature’s Miracle Advanced Corner is made of high-standard plastic technology, which is excellent at eliminating the odor together with the bacteria growth inside the box.

Furthermore, the big size of this litter box will be an ideal place for those people who have numerous cats like my situation. Thus, you should not hesitate anymore and quickly buy this incredible tool for yourself.


  • Large space for all-sized cats
  • Easy to clean
  • Outstanding colors


  • The cats may accidentally kick the waste out of this box

Good Pet Stuff Hidden Litter Box

Next, Good Pet Stuff has earned its reputation for giving the fashionable and beautiful litter boxes for many years. When observing these products, you will not think that they are something else instead of the normal litter box. Therefore, if you are keen on decorating your house with the litter box, Good Pet Stuff will not make you regret.

In particular, the unique shape of Good Pet Stuff will be able to catch your attention at first sight. You can see the shape of a pot combined with a plastic green plant, which is very impressive. Moreover, you can forget the odor thanks to the ample ventilation and polypropylene plastic.

With all of these great features, you need to consider buying this incredible item immediately. You may never find out any products that are as creative and useful as this one for a long time.


  • Durable and trendy appearance
  • Be capable of managing the smell


  • Quite challenging to set up the top part

Petmate Giant Litter Pan

Going to the next place on the list of top 5 best litter box for multiple cats, I am going to vote for Petmate Giant Litter Pan for many reasons. Despite the simple design, this litter box is well-known for its depth and big size. Moreover, this brand has a certain reputation with a number of people so that you can have trust with its quality.

Furthermore, the depth of this box will be the plus point since your cats will not able to kick the waste out. Besides, Petmate Giant Litter Pan is regarded as a perfect place for up to seven cats in total. As a result, in case you have numerous cats, this product can meet your expectation regarding the convenient storage.


  • Deep and big for various cats
  • Reputational brand


  • The design is simple
  • You may need to clean the waste immediately to avoid smell

Van Ness Corner High Sides Cat Litter Pan, Large, Blue

Lastly, I am going to describe the wonderful product from Van Ness Corner High Sides. This item is many people’s favorite as it is very budget-friendly when compared with the other brands nowadays. Moreover, the high sides can prevent the cat from scattering the waste around your house. Thus, you do not need to do much cleaning afterward.

Furthermore, this litter box is free of odor and stains at the same time so that you can clean it easily. Besides, the cats can feel free to enter the box since the front is designed with lower height. Also, more than one cat can fit this product at the same time so that you do not need to spend much money on this aspect.


  • High sides to avoid creating mess
  • Affordable price
  • Be able to fit tight places at home


  • The design is too simple


In summary, I wish that you can gain more knowledge after reading my article about top 5 best litter box for multiple cats. Nevertheless, in case you have any confusion, do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.