Best Shoes for Tough Mudder

Have you ever participated in a Tough Mudder? If you say yes, I hope you have a great experience in swamping, climbing over a rock, gravel, or cut fields. As not only provides an extremely fun, this 5-miles muddy race also grants you a self-motivation through these challenges.

Besides having a great teammate, and running kits, you will need the best shoes for tough mudder. Here are five factors and five reviews of shoes you should consider for choosing a right shoe.

Best Shoes for Tough Mudder

Trail-Running Shoes Factors to Consider

Particularly, when it comes to an obstacle course, you need to pay extra attention to decide which shoe to wear. Indeed, you would face many difficult challenges to cross the finish line.

Hence, a shoe provides a stable grip would prevent you from falling off when climbing on these slippery walls. So, here are five features your shoes need to satisfy:

Providing a lightweight platform

Nobody wants a heavy shoe that would draw them back and leave them behind. That’s why a lightweight shoe would assist you in the running faster.

Especially when you have to traverse in the mud, you need the shoe with a consistent weight irrespective of how much water it absorbs.

Featured in drainage

Needless to prove how it’s helpful to have the shoe with a sufficient drainage. Indeed, it avoids you from feeling a heavy land off in each strike.

Does the shoe deliver a rigid traction?

Importantly, I find the shoe with a sticky rubber lug on the outsole truly supportive when climbing walls. Particularly, it helps me grip the trail and minimize a possibility of slippage.

Honestly, it’s hard to hold on slippery surfaces without any technical support, so a shoe with excellent traction could help me to get ahead other competitors.

Also, my feet are well protected, even when I have to climb over mounds of mud. So, prep yourself the shoe that deliver a solid grip to reduce a risk and increases your speed.

Should you wear minimalist shoes or support shoes?

In this matter, you need to examine your feet and gait condition. Personally, I am a high-arched foot runner which suggests me to wear a cushioning shoe.

As it assists my supinator alignment during the 10000 distances, I prefer the stable shoe base with an accurate support. In case you have flat feet, you would need a motion control shoe.

On the other hand, a lightweight, minimalist shoe would grant you a smooth-running experience in the tough mudder.

Offer a durable outer material

Noticeably, you should not underestimate how a strong trail-running shoe would support you to overcome these obstacles. As for a specific-designed material, it is unlikely to find a hole in the shoe’s mesh material.

Also, you should not wear a regular shoe for this obstacle court because its lifespan might be shortened quickly. It means you would waste money and time to purchase a new shoe.

How to pick the right shoe size?

I do comprehend how it’s hard to seek for a suitable shoe for the obstacle race. And it’s even harder when you need a right size shoe that prevents your feet from being swollen.

That’s why you should purchase a trail-running shoe with one size bigger than your casual sneaker. For instance, I often wear my regular running shoes (size 8) for a trail training.

And when I am a part of this muddy race, I wear my tough mudder shoe of size 9 which comforts my feet significantly.

Generally, your tough mudder shoes make you feel no weight while running. Besides, it’s essential to have a water resistant, fast drying shoe, and reliable traction.

Moreover, your shoes are required to be sturdy and easy to clean for your long-term usage. Also, pay notice of how it supports you to get through the climbing obstacles.

Top 5 Best Shoes for Tough Mudder Reviews

There would be a rough trail, insurmountable wall, or muddy pool you need to get through. Hence, your proper shoes must provide a firm traction, protective elements, and water drainage.

However, I could not pick the shoe that fits and satisfies all the runner’ demand. Therefore, I would recommend 5 best shoes for Tough Mudder which are top-rated for a mud run.

Merrell All Out-Crush Men’s Running Shoes

The SI editor recognized its M-select grip outsole supports significantly on the slippery surface. Besides, this lightweight shoe also provides a great traction and drainage port.

In this version, its upper sole was enhanced with an abrasion-resistant translucent TPU film. As for its lace-up system, the shoe does not have any ripping issues.

During your night run, it’s reflective detail would improve your visibility. And this shoe also protects your feet from debris, rocks or pebbles thanks to its protective toe cap.

With its sweat-wicking property, your feet would stay comfortable though you sweat a lot during a race. Moreover, this Merrell provides a real barefoot experience to the extreme.


  • Thanks to its multi-directional lugs, a majority of mud runners appreciate its durability, traction, and resilience.
  • Deliver highly slip-resistant stability on wet and mixed terrains.
  • Does not carry an excessive weight of dirt or mud which makes it’s lighter to wear.
  • Its long-lasting M Select Fresh and breathable mesh upper keep your feet dry. Its antimicrobial agents prevent odor.
  • The shoe’s material is fast drying that allows the runner to wash and wear it in the next morning.
  • Provide a soft landing as its Uni-Fly impact absorption system disperses impact.
  • Its “TrailProtect” pad cushioning allows you to run smoothly on the slippery surface.
  • Suitable for the runner who has a knee problem, especially during a long-distance race.
  • Reasonable price.


  • Does not drain off the water as quick as its predecessor.
  • The runner finds it hard to untie themselves because of its thick shoe lace, especially when they wear gloves and their shoes are clogged with mud.

New Balance Minimus trail running shoe

You might be interested in this minimalist shoe as it provides a smooth-running experience. And your feet contact closely to the ground in this minimal, lightweight shoe (6oz).

Also, its Vibram sole would grant you a maximum surface grip, even in the slipperiest condition. Besides, the New Balance has an antimicrobial treatment to reduce an annoying odor.


  • Offer a barefoot-like running, especially when wearing it without socks.
  • Provide a sufficient forefoot slay and midfoot wrap to keep your feet stabilized through the mud race.
  • An updated strap does not cause irritation around the area where the foot bends.
  • Its flex grooves Vibram outsole delivers a rigid traction in the muddy condition.
  • Offer a protective upper material and rubber lugs. Its soft foam on the outsole enhances the shoe’s durability and flexibility.
  • Its metatarsal strap secures your forefoot section significantly.
  • The lace design is much shorter to save your time.


  • Your feet may tend to slide to one side and loose stability during hard obstacles due to its spacious forefoot.
  • Provide small lace structure which discomforts many the runners.
  • Many runners notice how its outsole wears out quickly after fifty miles.
  • A bit higher price than other minimalist running shoe.

Reebok Men’s All Terrain Super 2.0 Running Shoe

As a matter of fact, you would have to wade through a muddy stream or climb a hill. Hence, you would need this Reebok with a sticky rubber compound.

Besides, many runners mention the Reebok as a great choice for their obstacle courses as it offers extra cushioning for a long-distance race.


  • Offer abundantly lightweight.
  • Its DuraGrip toe box and Terrain Skin panel would secure your feet as it covers your foot in full.
  • Offer a good H20 Drain port that prevents the water penetrating your shoes.
  • The sticky rubber outsole and deep gripping lugs allow you hold on the slippery surface firmly.
  • Many reviewers highly appreciate its low-cut design as it gives them more freedom of movement.
  • Easily wash it thanks to its dirt-repellent material.
  • Offer a wide range of color options.
  • Many runners favor its fast lacing system.
  • An inexpensive price.


  • Its midfoot teeth do not support much at a climbing obstacle.
  • The back of the heel is uncomfortable when walking or running as it restricts your foot movement.
  • Many runners are unpleasant when the shoe wears out quickly after a few uses.
  • Has a narrow wiggle room.
  • Its size is smaller than what people get used to.

Salomon Women’s Speedcross 4 Trail Running Shoe

This is one of my mud running shoes that I usually wear when tackling these obstacle courses. And I find many people who participate in Tough Mudder NRW 2016 wore this shoe as well.

Though it is specifically designed for the classic trail runner which needs to be heavier, this Salomon still offers many durability features for your needs.

Truly, its sole allows you to go through the mud swamp easily. So, you do not have to consume much energy. Besides, you may like its sporty appearance.

Also, you would be impressed at its cushioning system and a reinforced tongue area that protect your feet from sharp scrap on the trail.


  • Provide great cushioning and heel-to-top drop 11mm to comfort your feet and give a pleasure in each bounce.
  • Offer solid grip and good traction that optimize your mud run performance.
  • Grant a wider toe-box.
  • Prevent the water entering your shoes as it is extremely waterproof.
  • Offer a handy lacing system. In case you prefer an ordinary lace, you can replace it easily.
  • Available in a various range of color and style.


  • A few runners complain about its water drainage as their feet are soaked in the water. Obviously, it makes a negative impact on their performance.

Saloman Trail Gaiters

This amazing shoe would save your time from picking rocks, pebbles or stick out of your shoe. Hence, there is no discomfort beneath your feet or around ankle areas.

Besides, there is a strap that wraps around your ankle to prevent the shoe being pulled off in the mud. And you only need to slide gaiters over your shoes and Velcro them closed to protect your feet. Also, it offers reflective details to enhance your visibility at night.


  • Deliver attachable gaiters to easily adjust.
  • Provide a nice fit over the cuff and around the ankle to keep your gaiter taut. And you would not feel the gaiter against your ankles.
  • A heavily stitched and elasticated band around the top could protect your feet well. Particularly, there are foam pads placed in each gaiter’s side to protect your ankle bones from knocks.
  • Has a noticeable durability thanks to a stretchy fabric.
  • Offer nice reflective detail, a strong Velcro fastening, and quick-drying material.


  • It asks for a raised area in the sole of the shoe to put a sole bomb-proof strap. That’s why it bothers the flat-arched runner as they have to prop the brunt of the muddy trail underfoot.
  • Some complaint of its large gaiters which are not fit for the runner whose thin ankles.
  • A few runners found the gaiters leave its edges rub on their skin if they do not wear socks.


For further question, let’s drop me a comment. In case you would like to acquire more related information, have a look at this video, hope it may help.

Overall, you need a specific trail running shoe for your Tough Mudder. Particularly, it must have drain ports and provide a firm traction. Also, a lightweight, durable and fast-drying shoe would benefit you greatly. Hope you make a right choice!