Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

Walkie-talkies are widely used for the recreational and professional purpose. At present, there is a myriad of the new products, particularly, it is to spend for children. In general, the walkie-talkies have the non-complicated design and the built-in durability, so parents are easy to connect with the kids theirs.

Is a walkie-talkie for kids different from the models for adults? And what things make those differences? Now, with a myriad of options on the market, how do we know what walkie-talkie is good for your children?

Best Walkie Talkies for Kids

Buying Guidelines

There are plenty of new technologies, which are exploding on the market nowadays. Thanks to that, the little kids have a chance to access the advanced means of communication. So, why do parents find to the walkie-talkie as a beneficial communication tool? – Because it is simple.

Aside from being an entertaining toy for the 5-aged children and the impeccable tool to communicate, between parents and kids, the walkie-talkie still has the problems that make buyers consider.
The durability is high. The design is compact. There are reasons why these friendly walkie-talkies are constantly expanded and consumed by many parents.

For the time being, you have recognized that this model is necessary for your children, right? So, what do you need to find? In fact, there are a couple of vital factors that you likely consider to decide which walkie-talkie is suitable for your use plan. Looking at here!

The Durability

For kids, nothing is secret or difficult on the toys theirs. Whatever the children play indoors or outdoors, a walkie-talkie is still an ideal and imaginative tool to play.

First of all, when starting to look for the walkie-talkies, most parents often consider how they will be able to stand up or play in a rough way well. Like that, it will not have any problems though their children put them through.

Fortunately, with the development of the current technology, the manufacturers have constantly released the products with these necessary features. It makes sure that all of the reviewed walkie-talkies below are marketed a point related to the durability of the product.

Even, a couple of walkie-talkies pride of their built-in product with the safe material so that parents can have peace of mind when choosing to use for kids, the Zomei T388, for example.

The Battery Life

Aside from the capacity of handling the rough play, parents till want to know about the battery life. In general, the majority of the walkie-talkies uses the AAA or AA batteries. Based on the advanced technology, their life is still an impressive number.

In spite of a variety of models, the studies show that the walkie-talkies are friendly with the children when their battery life is not short – continuous talking ~ three hours and active time ~ nine hours.

The Range

The walkie-talkie has a big variable range if you look at a variety of models. Each of models has the difference from the abilities and terrain. It is necessary to choose one that efficiently works like your desire.

Your children will be played outside with their friends, won’t they? So, you need a walkie-talkie to ensure that they are safe at a public, right? Or simply, the kids only want to talk with their close friends, who are living at the end of the road.

Yes, it will have a myriad of reasons, but all these reasons must be considered because they decide your desired range when choosing to purchase a walkie-talkie.

Don’t believe in what the manufacturers claim! Importantly, you need to consider the terrain that the chosen model will be utilized in. The signal must be clear when you communicate with children – a large yard, park, or the hilly terrain, for example.

All in all, according to the appreciation of consumers, the best walkie-talkies will provide the average distance from 1 to 1.5 miles that the signal is still clear and uninterrupted.

Top 5 Best Walkie-Talkie for Kids 2017

Today, there are plenty of quality walkie-talkies for kids on the market. Are you find one for your children? Well, let’s go on reading our reviews on the bestselling walkie-talkies!

Durable Walkie-Talkies for Kids

The outstanding features:

  • Easy to use;
  • Playful design – a clip on belt holder and LED indicators;
  • It involves 3 channels and large range;
  • The battery life is long;

This is considered as a brilliant candidate for the excellent kid walkie-talkie. Apart from using for a long period of time, Kidzlane is still friendly for kids and easy to utilize, in particular, the lightweight, the compact design, and a variety of color.

The operation is based on the push-to-talk rule. Plus, these walkie-talkies consist of the LED indicators, so they are friendly with users. It is noticed that they have equipped a belt. Accordingly, it doesn’t worry about losing when children are playing.

Using either indoors or outdoors is perfect. The communication is clear whether there is a crowded park because of its good range. It cannot be ignored its battery life. So impressive! Your children can talk and play for 3.5 hours.

What we like:

  • Great range
  • Cool design
  • Easy to use

What we don’t like:

  • It can confuse the channels

Retevis RT628 Walkie-Talkies 22 Channel

The outstanding features:

  • Small and light ~ 90g;
  • Assemble the belt;
  • The button is visible and easy to touch;
  • Communicate one-to-one and one-to-more;
  • Warranty in 90 days

It is exact that this walkie-talkie is a great selection for kids because it provides the outstanding features in comparison with a conventional toy. The Retevis RT628 Walkie-Talkies have owned some features of the design, which are set out on the market.

When communicating, the external interference is cut down, thanks to the model equipped with 22 channels, including two frequencies – GMRS and FRS. Correspondingly, the games of children become more interesting.

Other remarkable features are the weight and durability. Only with 90 grams, the children will easily control for most activities. What’s more, the call alert signals, LCD display, and the built-in flashlight are also the attractive features consumers.

What we like:

  • Very good range
  • The sound is crisp and clear
  • Easy to use
  • Work well

What we don’t like:

  • The buttons are not very adjustable

Zomei T388 2Pcs Mini Walkie-Talkie (Pink)

The outstanding features:

  • Ergonomic design and easy to use;
  • It has a simple push-to-talk operation;
  • Longer play time;
  • Smooth and crisp sound;

The design of this model is light and compact, so there is considered as a perfect choice for kids’ small hands. It comes with many different colors such as blue, yellow, and pink. Hence, children will easily recognize their tool if misplaced.

Its weight is only 79g, so a little kid can also carry it, along with a belt clip – no problem. The feature makes this model become a competition product, which is the 3-5km range ~ 2-3 miles, but the signal is still clear and reliable. So great!

Aside from the ability to adjust the volume, the Zomei T388 may still mute the background noise in order to provide a clear communication. It can say that this feature is beneficial for parents because they don’t need to worry when their children are playing in a large park.

This Zomei T388 has also owned 22 channels with both GMRS and FRS frequencies. In additional to that, the LCD display enables the users to look for an open channel a quick way.

What we like:

  • Easy to control
  • The excellent quality
  • Worked well

What we don’t like:

  • These broke instantly

7TECH Kids Walkie-Talkie

The outstanding features:

  • The compact design and the small size, so it is easy to carry;
  • The large range ~ 3km;
  • The sound is great, cloud, and clear;
  • The modern style: LCD screen, belt holder, and battery indicator;

Are you looking for a good walkie-talkie for kids? Well, you ought to consider this 7TECH Kids Walkie-Talkie. The plus point is the compact design and the easy use.

There is a perfect select for kids from 6 to up. The operation is based on the push-to-talk button, along with the LCD screen, so it is not difficult to utilize for kids.

The range of this walkie-talkie is about 3 kilometer, but it still makes sure the quality of the sound clearly. Correspondingly, the communication of children can take place in a large area. The use time lasts more 3 hours, which allow your children have a long time to play and talk with their friends. It’s ideal, right?

What we like:

  • Perfect size and color
  • Work great
  • Small but nice

What we don’t like:

  • Batteries run down too quickly

LUITON A7 Mini Durable Walkie-Talkie

The outstanding features:

  • The operation is hands-free;
  • It is a useful electrical toy;
  • Using an easy manner;
  • The texture is powerful;

If someone is finding a great communication appliance and the easy operation, it is certain that this Luiton A7 model should not ignore.

Despite likely withstanding drops from the 1.2-meter height, the general function and integrity of it are not affected. Noticeably, the children can communicate with their relatives and friends a seamless way that does not need to touch any button, thanks to the mode activates voice.

Another wonderful function is the PTT one. It allows children to master all their motors. If you choose to use this product, you will recognize its different compared to the rest ones in the list ours – the PMR system. The icon communication with the normal voice can be enabled via 22 channels.

What we like:

  • Great sound
  • It has a pretty decent range
  • Good distance and very clear

What we don’t like:

  • Sometimes, it won’t charge anymore and keep beeping


Obviously, a large number of features you need to consider before choosing to buy the best walkie-talkie for kids. In fact, the majority of parents wants to find a recreational toy for their children to play a healthy fun with friends theirs.

Importantly, it is necessary to consider the models coming with the features, which meet your demands, including, the durability, range, and battery life. Don’t forget to consider your terrain that your children often play.

You only need to compare the various walkie-talkies available on the market nowadays. Certainly, you probably find a suitable one for kids both safety and recreation. It hopes that this article is helpful for you. Good luck!!!