How to Deodorize When Wearing Shoes?

Shoes quickly generate mold and bacteria if we do not keep them clean. Moisture is one of the causes to the bad smell that can make you unpleasant as well as unconfident in communication. With some easy-to-find materials in the house, we can eliminate this problem.

How to Deodorize When Wearing Shoes?


  • Old newspaper

After reading the newspaper, don’t throw them away because they can make the shoes dry and clean. The paper has a good ability to absorb moisture. You should put the newspaper into the shoes from eight to ten hours, so the bacteria or mold cannot arise and grow insides.

  • Tea leaves or coffee grounds

You should keep the tea and coffee residues dry in the sun, then put them into a thin cloth bag and put it in your shoes overnight. The bacteria and mold will be eliminated, and the shoes will lose bad smell the next day.

  • Soda powder and alcohol

Similarly to the above solution, you also can put soda powder into the shoes within five hours to deodorize. You spray the alcohol inside the shoes and the soles, and after one night, the alcohol will evaporate and make your shoes fresh so that bacteria or mold cannot hold on anymore.

  • Some other tips

After going under the rain, you should dry inside the shoe. For women’s shoes, you should dry at low temperature; otherwise, it can damage the accessories related.

You should use cotton shoe pads that are highly absorbable, and it is better if the pads have the smell of cinnamon.


Apparently, the socks must be cleaned and dried. Besides, you should use cotton socks, not nylon ones that do not absorb as well as cotton fabric do and create the waterlogged condition for mildew to grow and develop.

Your feet

The sweat can stagnate in the shoes if you wear them for an extended time. That is a convenient environment for the growth of mold. To reduce foul smell on your feet, you can soak your feet with some of the following mixtures for five to ten minutes every day:

  • Mixing tea with salt
  • Squeezing a lemon with water and salt
  • Diluting vinegar to clean the feet

Wearing-shoe habits

It is necessary for you to have two or three pairs of shoes so as that you can change when you find your feet foul. Also, you should limit to wear shoes for a long period; instead, let’s put on the sandals to recover dead skin as well as remove the foul smell quickly. Moreover, you should not buy shoes that are too tight because they may be the cause of the bad smell.

Hopefully, the above solutions will help you to solve the problems and improve confidence in communication. Remember that the more you keep clean shoes, the more bacteria and mold you cannot grow.