Top 5 Hottest Shoes Trends of Spring & Summer 2017

The nature of fashion is dynamic – a single shoes design could be trending in the morning and get obsolete after lunch. While many of us are always updating with clothing trends but paying little attention to what trending for shoes are, a pair of old-fashioned shoes could ruin the entire outfit. However, unless you are a model, it is not necessary to race with the trend, or wear a few same basic shoes over again and again. The secret of staying on top of the trend is to select trendy but value-lasting shoes. Here are 5 of the hottest shoes this 2017 spring and summer which are sure to not get old for a long while.

Top 5 Hottest Shoes Trends of Spring & Summer 2017

1.      Bow Tie Pumps

Inspired by ballet shoes, pumps featuring bow ties are getting lots of attention from later 2016 up to now. Unlike any other previous designs, bow tie pumps are making their way back with a much more impressive look. A dominating bow tie is placed around the ankles, emphasizes boldly on the shoes and feet. The most common colors of this design are black and nude. The great femininity of bow tie is added on top of the sexiness of pumps to create a fatal charming appearance for the shoes and bring out the undeniable elegance of their wearer.

2.      V-Neck Shoes

V-neck shoes are resurfacing as one of the most stylish and best slimming shoes for any legs. The V shape does not only help lengthening the appearance of your legs but also trims your feet amazingly. V-neck shoes wearers, especially those with humble legs, heavy calves and big feet, therefore, usually enjoy appearing taller and slimmer than they normally are. Beside its functional use, this type of shoes also give a charming, modern, but modest look to any lady wearing them.

3.      Mules

Fashion experts are expecting mules to continually make wave in the fashion world this year. The absolute comfortable experience wearing this type of shoes is nothing to be argued about. Besides, mules are highly multi-functional when it could be worn to various kinds of occasions from going to work or heading to night events to hanging out on a walk. Featuring both classicality and modernity, mules are there to make your overall outfit look more aristocratic and elegant.

4.      Pointy Toe Pumps

No lady is not familiar with this super classic and all-timer shoe. While platform pumps are normally for those who are new to pumps and seek for comfort as well as convenience when wearing them, the currently trending pointy toe pumps are without platform – which is totally classical – and are more for the sexiness finders and the femininity claimers. The considerable slope and pointy toecap make the shoes only best for formal parties and night events where you will not have to move much.

5.      Embroidered Sneakers

The 2017 trend does not seem to favor plain basic sneakers, neon sneakers, or platform sneakers. The 2017 ladies opt for sneakers with eye-catching embroidered details. It has been a while since the fashion world last witnessed the combination of embroidered patterns and sneakers. To make things more exciting, these pattern are neither unisexual, sporty nor naughty as they used to be – instead, they are highly feminine & charming – as much as roses are. When combined, these embroidered sneakers bring about a greatly interesting look, suggesting an active, yet elegant and sweet lady.

Above trends are the all-timers and multi-functional shoes that can be worn daily and for different purposes. You will not have the irritation of catching up with the trend while staying blank every time it comes to choosing an appropriate pair of shoes for your occasion. Hope our ladies always stay trendy and fresh.