Which Color of The Shoes Should You Choose?

If you think the colors of the shoes do not affect your appearance, it is a wrong misconception. You have to remember that shoes are an indispensable accessory for the outfit. Therefore, only a pair of shoes can make you elegant, cute or even ridiculous.

Which Color of The Shoes Should You Choose?

Choose the right shoes for the clothes

The first principle to create a perfect outfit is to choose a pair of shoes that suit to the clothes. You should choose stylish shoes for simple clothes and the basic ones for colorful dresses. These combinations will help you to balance your outfit. Let’s look at the mirror and answer the following questions to test yourself.

  • Is your outfit a messy mix? Are the buttons on the shoes racing with the beads on the dress?
  • Are the colors of your shoes and your costumes look the same?

If the answer is “Yes,” the quickest and simplest way to overcome is to make a connection between them. You need to try on another pair of shoes and check again with the same question as above.

Choose the right shoes for different situations

How to be beautiful, comfortable but still save money and time to prepare for different situations? The answer is: “Shoes.” Therefore, in various events, you have to make the right choice so as not to become comical and sloppy.

There are many types of shoes you can consider such as lazy shoes, doll shoes or classic high heels. However, they often create a monotonous feeling. You should combine them with a skirt, a large shirt or a cute dress with a small belt to make the active and dynamic style.

Choose the color of the shoes to match with the costumes

In fact, people are often concerned about the clothes or shoes regarding color, and design but forget how to match them perfectly. The color of your shoes has a direct effect on your appearance; so choosing shoes for your outfit is which you have to pay attention.

Tips to choose shoes that match the clothes’ color:

  • Black shoes: You will have the perfect appearance if you match the black color of the shoes with the pastel or brownish color of clothes, especially, if the outfit has black patterns.
  • Brown shoes: The brown, beige, orange, green or similar colors of the costumes will be very suitable for this pair of shoes.
  • Light brown shoes: Blue, beige, light brown or white will be the perfect match.
  • Beige shoes: You will have a great color combination if you match them with the white, the neutral or green color.
  • White Shoes: You should wear them with the clothes that have bright colors of neutral or pastel.
  • Silver-color shoes: There will be nothing more beautiful when you put on silver-color shoes with a blue, white, black, blue or purple dress.

If the suggestions make you confused, you just need two principles:

  1. Selecting the color of the shoes coincides with the color of the clothes depends on the circumstances.
  2. Applying value principle: Select the colors in the same tone.